Let’s face it; the majority of us would love to lose a few kilos and dogs are no exception

Unfortunately, dogs will keep on eating and putting on weight unless we scale back the food we give them and most of us don’t find the time to take them for a daily brisk walk in order to get them moving. If we do, we find the older and pudgier ones we have to carry back home because they are simply exhausted. Some owners who take their dog/s to the dog park usually find their dog doesn’t really venture too far away from them let alone run a few metres. This is mainly due to other dogs at the park and whilst the young ones will bowl you over to get to the ball, the older or quieter ones will usually just watch from the fence boundary or close to you.

Although by coming to daycare they will socialise and play, they will also sit, lie and watch the day go by. By having two treadmills at Paws we can make sure your dog does a minimum 15min walk at a pace they are comfortable with and we can introduce a slight incline in order to get them trying a little harder. Please let us know what your vet has advised with respect to ideal weight and we will work with your vet to co-ordinate a plan for your dog’s heart health. A 15-20 min walk on the treadmill is charged at $11.