Instead of providing a list of FAQ’s and their answers, we feel it is more practical to provide a set of guidelines we term our Rules & Regulations.

To ensure the health and safety of all our owners’ dogs, we require all our clients comply with the following Rules and Regulations:

Days & Hours:  Paws Dog DayCare is open Monday to Friday 7am – 6.15pm (Closed Public Holidays)

Dogs can be dropped off at 7am (no earlier) and must be picked up by 6.15pm.  We understand no matter what you do, sometimes you will be running late, for all sorts of reasons.  This is why we give you a grace period of 15 mins to collect your dog.  Anything later we will need to charge a late fee as we would also like to leave and go home by 6.30pm.

Sex:  All dogs over 6 months of age must be neutered or spayed (desexed).

Vaccinations: All dogs must have their Full C5 (including canine cough) current vaccination record. On enrolment, owners must provide a scanned copy of their dogs current vaccination certificate. If easier, please tick the check box on the enrolment form authorising Paws Dog Day Care to request it directly from your veterinarian.

Health:  All dogs must be in good health. Owners need to certify that their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill in the last 30days.  On admission, all dogs must be free from any illness/condition that could potentially be communicated to other dogs.

Behaviour: Owners must inform Paws Dog DayCare of any known behaviour problems their dog(s) may have. Paws Dog DayCare uses verbal commands and water spray to halt any unwanted behaviour and has a dedicated fenced off time out area if the behaviour continues.

Enrolment Form:  All dogs must have a complete, up to date and approved enrolment form on file prior to attending daycare.

Fees:  All fees are to be paid either in advance or on arrival of a scheduled visit.  Paws Dog DayCare only accepts payment by credit card.  No cash is kept on the premises.

Bookings:  Owners must pre-book their dogs attendance at Paws either via booking online or calling us the previous day

– Casual Bookings:  Places are subject to availability.  Please call us by 5.00pm the previous day so we can try and accommodate your request.

– Permanent Bookings:  You select your preferred day/s and either half day/full day, and we will ensure your dog has their place reserved.

Medication: Please advise us in advance if your dog will require medication.  Please clearly label all medications and include written instructions with your dog’s name, type of medication, dosage and frequency.          

What to Bring:  All dogs must have a collar with ID Tag.  Dogs must be walked on lead at all times to and from Paws Dog DayCare.  Please do not bring personal items like toys or bones as this is a cage free environment and we cannot guarantee their exclusive use.  We do not feed dogs during the day so please leave all food at home for meals prior to or after daycare.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.