Our aim in providing a home away from home for your dog is not our only service

If we can make your life a little easier, then so much the better.

Services provided include:

The one service we intentionally DO NOT provide is dog training.

By training, we do not mean the sit, shake hands, roll over type of training. We mean the walk off the lead, wait at the side of the road for a car to pass training.

There are a lot of trainers out there who use various methods of training. After some sessions, the dog usually gets it. Unfortunately, the one who doesn’t get it is the owner. At Paws, we firmly believe the owner and their dog have to be trained together. This allows the owner to master the commands and understand the leadership credentials the dog is looking for in its owner. The dog understands the owner now knows how to be and act like the boss.

We intend to offer this leadership type of training commencing in June 2019.