Dogs eat dog food, not human food

Chris, who started Paws is completely tragic in that her kids tell her, in their words “dogs eat dog food, not human food”. Meals include only fresh lean Australian beef, chicken and turkey. Lamb is not included simply because it has a higher fat content than beef. Vegetables include Australian carrots, peas and corn. There is also wholemeal pasta and rice. Meals are marked with the date made and can be taken home and either fed to the dog or frozen. There are no preservatives, additives, spices, seasonings, flavours and enhancers.

Dog food commercials are always showing chefs preparing a balanced diet and adding additional vitamins and minerals which are weighed carefully, etc etc. We certainly don’t advocate you only purchase our pet meals for your dog/dogs. Providing a balance is a good thing and Paws pet meals provides the balance with only fresh, lean and nutritious Australian grown or bred food, no additives of any form in sight.