Dogs want to play

Dogs want to play, run, socialise, meet other dogs, sniff each others’ butts and have fun!! Some of them are divas, others princesses, then there’s the shy ones who tend to stick close to mummy, the over the top ones who need to let everybody know they have arrived and of course the older ones who have seen it all before and just want to meet some other older ones and do the rounds or have a really, really good lie down and a yawn here and there. We are talking about the dogs of course.

Dogs enjoy companionship with other dogs just as much as with us humans. Leaving them all alone whilst their humans are at work for generally most of the day leaves them either bored looking to get up to mischief or otherwise sleeping all day and hanging out until you come home to have some cuddles and play. In the meantime, you’re exhausted, the kids have homework and you have to take the dog for a walk otherwise he will be at you for most of the night. Imagine your delight picking him up from day care and he is totally exhausted.

Paws Dog Day Care provides your dog with another family environment where they can safely have lots of fun, love and cuddles while they’re away from their proper family.

Cleanliness always comes before services offered

If you ask the staff and helpers, there are just too many mops, buckets, disinfectants, and cleaning products at Paws. Dog day care is a messy business and it has to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition for the protection and safety of all of our four legged friends.

The surface of the floor has been treated with both a penetrating and film forming sealer. More importantly, it contains an antimicrobial additive inhibiting mould and algal growth. This is so incredibly important as the last thing you want your dogs doing is walking on any mould spores or particles due to any cracks in flooring where water has managed to get underneath the surface and not dried out.